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Emergency service for lighted signs located in commercial, industrial and institutional sectors

Fluoratech is available in Montreal, in Laval and everywhere in the province of Quebec.

By means of its fleet of trucks and cradle-trucks, Fluoratech is the choice company to quickly fix any lighting problem, while providing you with an unparalleled guarantee :

Moreover, Fluoratech offers lighting system installation, as well as maintenance services for your lighting equipment.

A few lighting and signs problems treated by Fluoratech

  • Short circuit
  • Intermittent malfunction (sizzle)
  • Vandalism
  • Lighting equipment breakage
  • Lamp post breakage
  • etc.

Swift intervention policy

We know to what extent a lighting or signage problem may tarnish your company’s corporate image.

That’s why we have set a complete intervention policy. As soon as your call comes in, an electrician will contact you to coordinate the work. Following the seriousness of the problem, it may be fixed within only 2 hours.

We are also very proud to offer a one-year guarantee on our installations. However, our DEL/LED systems are guaranteed for 5 years.

Lighting and signage repairs process

First, our technicians will proceed to the inspection of the site. We will immediately intervene by isolating the source of the problem.

We can then repair the system and replace any defective parts, if need be. Finally, we will improve the lighting system, in order that the problem is definitely fixed. When conditions allow it, the problem should be fixed within 24 hours.

Our service center staff will be pleased to answer all your questions. Call now free of charge at 1-877-624-9288.

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